Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gonna copy and paste this from my No Pink Ponies blog with some title edits:

Welcome to Rumble Fall, it's hardly updating these days cos sadly, I cannot work on it full-time to support my life with bills and other stuff. I have a day job at an animation company I helped co-founded with some friends, we're still new so that means then everyone has to pitch in 110% of the time and that's why I hardly have the time to work on Rumble Fall cos, despite the ad revenues I get, it's not enough to pay my bills.

Now, some of you might be wondering, "But you're updating quite regularly over at Marry Me and Sandra on the Rocks." Yes, I am regularly updating there, but that's cos I get paid by the people I'm collaborating with to do those comics, so there's an obligation there.

With No Pink Ponies and Rumble Fall, it's a work of passion. Like I said, I do get paid from the ad revenues, but I don't really track that much hits and visits every day (especially not Rumble Fall), or at least not enough for the ad revenues to be my source of income, so sadly, I have to forego drawing both my passion comics from time to time (that can last months).

I just wanna apologize to the readers who expects me to update regularly and ask that you have patience when it comes to my online comics. Thank you.